• 100% interest in one(1) exploration licence covering approximately 939 km2 in the Zaire Province in northern Angola
  • Located approximately 45 km west of Soyo
  • Geological setting of Pedra de Feitico is interpreted to be directly analogous to the Company’s Cacata Deposit
  • Limited exploration work has been undertaken at Pedra de Feitico (to date)
  • Rock-chip sampling assay results indicates the presence of phosphate at grades ranging from 0.15% to 40.1% P2O5
  • Historical soil sampling assay results ranged from 0.01 to 14.4% P2O5


Minbos holds a 100% interest in the Pedra de Feitico Phosphate Project, which consists of one (1) exploration permit covering an area of approximately 939 km2. The Project is located south of the Congo River within the Zaire province in northern Angola.  Access to Pedra de Feitico is via Soyo by approximately 45 km of dirt tracks and is proximal to two ports: Soyo in Angola and Boma in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The Pedra de Feitico Project is interpreted to be an extension of the graben structures that trend northwest-southeast from Angola’s Cabinda Province, through the DRC and into Angola’s Zaire Province.

Values from rock-chips sampling highlighted an area of 2km strike length with P2O5 values of up to 31%, and an additional area, about 4.5 km to the east, with values of up to 28% P2O5 over 1.5 km of strike length.