Cabinda Project Scope


Our vision is to build a nutrient supply and distribution business that stimulates agricultural production and promotes food security in Angola and the broader Congo Basin.

Our plan is to mine Phosphate Rock from the Cácata Deposit and transport it to the Porto de Caio where all the necessary electricity, gas , water and shipping infrastructure exists to build and operate a granulation plant to produce Enhanced Phosphate Rock granules (Phosphate Rock + MAP).

The Enhanced Phosphate Rock granules will become the P nutrient feedstock to blend with imported Nitrogen (N) and Potassium (K) granules in NPK blending plants to exact specifications suited to Angolan crops and soils. Infrastructure is key to all industrial mineral projects and Cácata is well supported, with the deposit being situated within a kilometre of a dual lane highway and a sixty-minute drive to Porto de Caio, a billion-dollar port and industrial development.

Porto de Caio is the ideal location for a granulation plant with natural gas terminal and power station within five kilometres and access to a port for barging product to local and regional markets.

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