Greenhouse & Field Trials

Field Trials – Local Fertilizer for local soils

As part of the partnership with the IFDC, 500kg’s of improved Cabinda Phosphate Rock was successfully processed at the IFDC’s world-class trial plant in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

The in-country field trials are being co-ordinated by the Angolan Institute of Agrononomic Investigations in Huambo, with the initial concept and design being undertaken by the Plant Nutrition Science and Technology Company (NPCT) design in consultation with the IFDC. The maize field trial will be harvested next year with a second crop of beans to be planted in February. 

Field trials underway in Huambo, Angola


Working with our international technology partners the International Fertilizer Development Centre (IFDC), the Company has completed four greenhouse trials with the IFDC, with the broad aim of maximising the fertilizers agronomic potential and ensuring the suitability of the crops for use in Angola and the surrounding Congo Basin.

Cabinda Phosphate Fertilizer Blend Greenhouse Trials at the IFDC headquarters in Muscle Shoals, Alabama

The interim results have confirmed that Angolan soils, crops and climate are ideally suited for Cabinda enhanced rock phosphate which prefers moist, acidic (low-pH.) soils and staple crops such as cereals and legumes. The interim results also saw significant agronomic growth with the Cabinda phosphate fertilizer pot-trialled on winter wheat, maize, residual maize and sorghum.


500kg’s of Cabinda phosphate rock was successfully processed at the IFDC’s worldclass trial plant in Alabama (USA). 

Granulation testing was undertaken to produce plant flow design including:

  • Engineering drawings
  • Operating inputs
  • Water, power, gas and binding agent
  • Product quality parameters to international standards


Based on the country’s natural endowments, agriculture is well positioned to transform the country, promote economic diversification and boost exports and generate foreign exchange. The African Development Bank intends to play a catalytic role by providing lines of credit as well as leveraging PPP transactions to ease access to finance for private sector and SMEs, to transform agriculture as a business, reduce local food prices, enhance food security and improve the country’s economic competitiveness. By supporting the agro poles development and the agro industries, the Bank will contribute to achieve one of the High 5s target of Industrialise Africa. – African Development Bank (statement on Angola)

Investments in agro poles and agro industries through provision of lines of credit to private sector can help boost local food production and exports. – African Development Bank

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