Industry Associations & Technology Partners

Since 1974, The International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) has delivered technologies, practices, and capacity building to increase and sustain food security and agricultural productivity in over 100 developing countries. Bring together innovative research, market expertise, and strategic public and private sector partners to identify and scale sustainable solutions for soil and plant nutrition that benefit farmers, entrepreneurs, and the environment.

The International Fertilizer Association (IFA) was founded in 1927 and is the only global fertilizer association with a membership of 480 companies in 68 countries. 45% of IFA’s membership is based in developing economies. IFA Members represent 75-80% of global fertilizer production. IFA’s Members include fertilizer producers, traders and distributors, as well as their associations, service providers to the industry, research organizations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The Plant Nutrition Science and Technology (No. PCT) is a company dedicated to developing and promoting information on responsible management of plant nutrients, based on science. With a wide field of action, from the planning of agronomic experimentation to the dissemination of knowledge in the areas of Soil Fertility, Plant Nutrition and Fertilizers, the company’s mission is to promote the appropriate use of plant nutrients in order to optimize production under technical-agronomic, economic, social and environmental aspects.


Based on the country’s natural endowments, agriculture is well positioned to transform the country, promote economic diversification and boost exports and generate foreign exchange. The African Development Bank intends to play a catalytic role by providing lines of credit as well as leveraging PPP transactions to ease access to finance for private sector and SMEs, to transform agriculture as a business, reduce local food prices, enhance food security and improve the country’s economic competitiveness. By supporting the agro poles development and the agro industries, the Bank will contribute to achieve one of the High 5s target of Industrialise Africa. – African Development Bank (statement on Angola)

Investments in agro poles and agro industries through provision of lines of credit to private sector can help boost local food production and exports. – African Development Bank

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